Accepted at REXUS/BEXUS

Cornelia Baumann

After the Selection Workshop in Bonn we were intently waiting to hear back from the DLR, SNSA and ESA. On the 9th of December we finally got the message we had hoped for: Daedalus2 was selected to fly on REXUS 29.

Selection Workshop Of course, we were very excited to get this amazing news, just like a present before Christmas. After a little celebration we got right to work on the SED (Student Experiment Document; that long documentation every REXUS team has to write) and preparing for the Student Training Week in Sweden at the beginning of February. We are very excited and thankful to have this opportunity and are looking forward to getting our seeds spinning.

At this moment we want thank everyone who supported us and helped us get to this point, especially the Chair of Computer Science VIII at the university of Würzburg. We are excited to meet all the other teams in Sweden, especially the international REXUS/BEXUS teams we have not met yet.

Best wishes to all the students out there working hard on their projects and see you in Sweden! Selection Workshop