The Team

The T-REX 2 team consists mainly of students from the University of Würzburg in the student association WüSpace e.V.. Our team was recently joined by students from the TU-Wien in the student association SpaceTeam.

The only strict division of responsibilities is between WüSpace and the SpaceTeam. The main task of WüSpace is to write the central software with the corresponding image processing and control. The SpaceTeam is responsible for planning and building the final mechanics.

Inside WüSpace there is no such thing as task separation for T-REX. Everybody can do anything. Tasks are assigned to the person who has the most motivation to do it. Some people focus on larger software tasks, while others do smaller things here and there, improve the hardware of our prototype or do handle PR.

A total of about 11 people from different federal states in Germany and from Austria are currently working on the project. But we would still be happy with further support.